SKD LaunchPad Talent Acquisition carefully selects candidates that bring balance to your organization, enabling your company to attain new levels of business agility. Our team of talent management professionals provides:

  • Experience The SKD LaunchPad team brings over six decades of talent acquisition experience to your professional search process
  • Innovation Innovation SKD LaunchPad utilizes unique channels and resources to help our clients identify talented individuals who will be the perfect fit for their needs
  • Value SKD LaunchPad's professionals offer a broad base of industry knowledge which will enable your organization to fill crucial openings in a cost-effective and timely fashion

We take extra steps to understand your organization...

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We know that good hiring decisions involve much more than matching skills and experience to a job description. We are committed to a thorough understanding of the culture and personality of an organization. This ensures that we present candidates with the right aptitude, the right approach, and the right attitude to succeed in your specific environment.

Finding unique talent that fits your organization is like stacking the right rocks together...

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We use a fresh approach to source candidates through both innovative and traditional channels, including:

  • Established industry contacts
  • Candidate pools
  • Job boards
  • Social media
  • Professional networks, direct sourcing
  • Marketing campaigns to drive candidates to us

SKD Talent Acquisition Team brings balance and peace of mind to your organization...

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Our recruitment team is comprised of experts who have specific career experience within the industry for which they recruit. We'll assign a Talent Acquisition team member knowledgeable in your industry, with the ability to identify the right individual from our pool of highly qualified and motivated candidates.

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